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Loaded Lab Review

Honest Loaded Lab Review and $1 Trial: Liam James Kay

If you don’t know who is Liam James Kay and what is Loaded Lab? Then don’t worry I will tell you, I feel Liam is one of the best affiliate marketers in the world! He is an award-winning super affiliate and serial entrepreneur who has generated millions of dollars online, especially with Clickbank and other Affiliate Networks like the Builderall Affiliate Program, Kartra Affiliate Program, and many more.

Good News is that he recently launched his Exclusive Community of Money-Makers called “Loaded Lab“, where you can get Proven Money-Making Strategies from industry experts, Advanced Training & Resources, and a Supportive Like-Minded Community. In layman’s language, you can say it is a platform where you can get exclusive training (Courses worth 1000s of dollars like Master Natives, Google Ads Bootcamp, etc. ) and coaching from Liam James Kay. The best part is you can get all these things for just a $1 Trial.

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What is Loaded Lab?

Basically, it is a platform for an exclusive community, similar to Quora or Forum but dedicated to making money online. It is overloaded with questions related to Affiliate Marketing, POD ( Print on Demand ), AI, Digital Products, E-commerce, Investing, and more.

In Loaded Lab you can discover the ultimate hub for exploring cutting-edge income-generating strategies. Its thriving community welcomes fresh ideas and opportunities and keeps you in the loop with engaging training sessions and workshops as innovation unfolds. Curiosity fuels success – join here for $1!

How to Join Loaded Lab for $1?

Steps to Join Loaded Lab:

Step 1: Go to the Official Site of Loaded Lab.

Step 2: Click on Start Your $1 Trial.

Step 3: Add your Account Details like Name, Email. Then Click on Next.

Step 4: Add your Billing Address then click on next and make a $1 Payment and you will be good to go.

So this is how you can avail this $1 Trial of Loadedlab. Now lets see the inside tour of loaded lab.

Inside Tour of Loaded Lab

Let’s explore quickly what we will find inside Loaded Lab. So let’s start with Home Page.

Home Page of Loaded Lab

The above image is of the home page. In the home section, you will find various posts related to your enrolled forum. And if you want to post anything related to your niche like affiliate marketing, freelancing, POD, etc., then you can just click on Start a post and start writing. It’s that simple!

In the left section, you will see various options, like Notification, Courses, Members Hub, Hustle Discussion, Training Lab, etc. Let’s explore these things one by one.

Members Hub

In the Member hub, you can find 6 spaces as of now:

  1. Start Here: From this space, you can easily get all the information about Loadedlab from a 7-minute video on how you can get started, how to make money, how to engage, etc.
  2. Say Hi: In this space, you can introduce yourself to the amazing community.
  3. Free Money: In this space, you will get to know how you can earn free money just by using Loadedlab. Like 1st Most Active member will be awarded $300.
  4. Join Challenges: In this space, you will see various challenges currently there is Affiliate Challenge going on in which you gonna win exciting gifts.
  5. Events & Ask Liam: In this space, you gonna see various events and meeting with Liam James Kay in which you can clear your doubts.
  6. Announcements: Various important news and announcements will be there in this space.
  7. Feedback About Loaded Lab: Here you can provide various feedback about Loadedlab.

Hustle Discussions

There are as of now 8 Spaces in this Section which are as follows:

  1. General Chat: In this space, you can ask anything, and share anything.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: In this space, you can ask or share anything related to affiliate marketing, and you can share your own affiliate case studies. Liam also shares his affiliate marketing journey in this space.
  3. Print on Demand (POD): You can ask anything related to POD. Also, you will able to see various mind-blowing stories of various POD experts.
  4. Digital Products: All the information related to digital products, like how to make, how to sell, etc.
  5. Other Hustles: People can share their case studies for different side hustles that are unique.
  6. Share Your Wins: In this space, you can share your success.
  7. Liam’s YouTube DeepDives: This is a dedicated space where the community can come together to discuss and explore Liam latest YouTube videos in greater depth.
  8. Case Studies: You can share case studies.

Training Lab

In the training lab as of now, you will get five 1000s of dollars courses from Liam which are as follows:

  1. Passive Profits Accelerator: It is a great passive income course in which you will know how you can earn passive income with affiliate marketing.
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp: It is one of the most famous courses of Liam James Kay which you will get free of cost.
  3. POD Profits Academy: This is a brand new course of Liam in which you will get to know about Print on Demand.
  4. Master Natives: If you are an affiliate marketer then baby this is a must-have course for you. It’s all about native ads.
  5. Google Ads Bootcamp: This was the first course of Liam, all about Google ads.

Become a Loaded Lab Affiliate

In this section, you can join the affiliate program of Loaded Lab. Click Here to join the affiliate program (it offers 30% recurring income).


I will show a screenshot of some people whom Liam mentored. Just see how amazing people will be there inside this forum!


For a limited period of time, you will get a $1 trial of this and after that, it will be only $49 per month!

Pros of Loaded Lab: Why I love it?

The biggest reason why I love it is because of the amazing community of amazing people (Entrepreneurs, Affiliate Marketers, YouTubers, etc.).

You will get every upcoming course of Liam James Kay in one place for just $49 per month.

Lifetime support from Liam James Kay.

$1 Trial to see how things work!


Maybe for some people, $49 per month will be high.

Maybe for some people, a $1 trial will not be sufficient.


If you’re serious about taking your online business to the next level, you simply cannot afford to miss out on Liam James Kay’s incredible platform as here you will find amazing people with a Superhero ability to make millions of dollars online. With only limited spots available for this exclusive $1 trial offer, time is running out to secure your place!

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Affiliate Disclaimer: There may be some links which are an affiliate links. If you buy anything with it, it will not cost extra to you. Company will just provide me some commission.

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