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I tried Social Media Management Agency for 24 Hours (SMMA )

I tried SMMA for 24 hours

Why I tried Social Media Management for 24 Hours?
On September 17th, I embarked on an exhilarating 24-hour challenge to start a social media management agency with absolutely zero followers. The challenge came with a set of rules: no use of previous portfolio, no paid ads, and no reliance on existing traffic sources like YouTube. My mission was clear: select a niche, create a website for the agency, find potential clients, and close the first client deal within 24 hours.

Selecting the Perfect Niche
Choosing the right niche is a crucial step in the journey of setting up a social media management agency. With a list of over 2000 niches at my disposal, I needed to identify one that had potential. After careful consideration, I decided to focus on the niche of “hair stylists.”

Building the Agency’s Website
A website serves as the digital face of any business, and my agency was no exception. During my research, I stumbled upon a platform called “Webm,” which offered an array of pre-made templates for various business types. The platform’s 14-day free trial, affordable pricing (just $8 per month), and 300+ pre-made templates made it the perfect choice for my agency’s website.

I opted for a template that resonated with the style and branding I envisioned for my agency. Within a few clicks, I was able to customize it to my liking. The result was a stunning social media management agency website.

Exploring the Niche: Hair Stylists
With the website in place, it was time to delve deeper into the selected niche. I aimed to offer services such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and social media management to hair stylists. The niche was not only relevant but also presented ample opportunities for growth.

Finding Potential Clients
The challenge now was to identify potential clients within the hair stylist niche. Google Maps proved to be a valuable tool in this endeavor. By searching for “hair stylists” in specific cities, I was able to find businesses that were potential clients for my agency.

However, I set specific criteria for my potential clients. They needed to have fewer than 5,000 followers on their social media accounts, ensuring that I could provide substantial value to them. This narrowed down the list significantly.

Collecting Contact Information
Once I identified potential clients, the next step was to obtain their contact information, specifically their email addresses. This process involved visiting their websites and searching for email addresses or checking the website’s footer for contact details.

Despite the challenge of finding email addresses, I managed to compile a list of 15 potential clients who fit my criteria.

Crafting Effective Email Templates
To reach out to these potential clients, I crafted a persuasive email template. This template explained the value my agency could bring to their social media presence and offered a one-week paid trial to showcase our capabilities.

I used ChatGPT to refine my email templates and make them compelling. Personalization was key, even though I planned to send bulk emails due to time constraints.

Sending Bulk Emails with Mail Meteor
Sending emails to 15 potential clients individually would be time-consuming, so I turned to Mail Meteor, a free tool that allows users to send bulk emails through their Gmail accounts. With a limit of 50 emails per day, it was a practical choice for my challenge.

I integrated Mail Meteor with Google Sheets, created email templates, and used variables to personalize each email. Then, with a single click, I sent out bulk emails to my list of potential clients.

The Awaited Replies
After sending out the emails, the waiting game began. It didn’t take long before I started receiving replies. Some clients were curious about pricing, while others showed genuine interest in our services.

Scheduling Meetings and Booking Clients
One potential client was particularly interested in our services and wanted to discuss further. After an hour-long meeting, we agreed to a one-week paid trial at a price of $220. Given our lack of a portfolio, this was a significant achievement.

Our mission was to create one social media post per day for seven days, showcasing our capabilities. If successful, we had the potential to secure a two-thousand-dollar-a-month contract with the client.

Conclusion: A Successful 24-Hour Challenge
In just 24 hours, I went from having zero followers to securing my agency’s first client. The journey was intense, filled with research, outreach, and negotiation. Despite the challenges, the experience proved that with determination, creativity, and the right tools, it’s possible to start a social media management agency from scratch.

The hair stylist niche was a strategic choice, and Webm provided an accessible platform for building our agency’s website. Mail Meteor simplified the process of reaching out to potential clients, allowing us to send personalized bulk emails efficiently.

As we move forward, our focus is on delivering exceptional results during the one-week paid trial, with the hope of securing a long-term partnership. This 24-hour challenge showcased the potential of social media management as a lucrative business venture, even for those starting with zero followers and no portfolio.

In the world of digital marketing, opportunities abound for those willing to take on challenges and create their own success stories. My journey has just begun, and I’m excited to see where it will lead next in the dynamic realm of social media management.

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