You are currently viewing Honest Landerbolt Review with 25% Off Coupon Code (2023)

Honest Landerbolt Review with 25% Off Coupon Code (2023)

Landerbolt is a beautiful no code tool which can help you to copy any kind of landing page with an ease (even if you don’t know how to write “hello world!”). If you are an affiliate marketer or a digital marketer, landerbolt can make your life too easy to live. And the best part is that I do have 25% off coupon code (INSODEA25) for you all which you will not get anywhere else. Before using this coupon code, lets read more about this amazing tool.

Landerbolt Review

Landerbolt is for?

  • People like me who hate coding.
  • People who want smooth interface.
  • People who want to copy any landing page within few clicks!
  • Lazy People who don’t want to make websites from scratch that is in WordPress or any other drag and drop builder.
  • Affiliate Marketer and Digital Marketers.

Busy? Quick Short Review of Landerbolt

If you don’t have enough time to read this blog then my rating for this tool is 8.5 Stars out of 10. I Personally use this software and to be honest I will suggest you to go for it. Click here and use code INSODEA25 and get 25% off (at least use this software for one month and I am pretty sure you gonna love it.) Also if you want to see full detailed video of Landerbolt then do have a look below (watch video in 2x Speed)

Landerbolt Review 2023

Now lets quickly move to the full detailed review of landerbolt.

Features & Benefits:

Lets see all the features and benefits of landerbolt one by one.

1. Various Templates to Use

There are many templates which you can use inside landerbolt. No coding skill required, all you need is to edit any template and make those templates your own. There are limited templates available as this is not the main feature of landerbolt.

Now lets see how to use and edit templates:

Step 1: Click on Templates Button

Step 2: Select the desired template.

Step 3: Now just give the page name, select category then select the domain connected with your account and then click on create page.

Step 4: Then Click on Visual Editor And start editing the text according to your need.

Step 5: Then Click on Save Changes and you are good to go.

2. Import Any landing Page from its URL ( My Fav )

This is the main and my personal favorite feature of Landerbolt. To be honest this is the only feature apart from Voluum Integration, why I am using Landerbolt myself. Now lets see how to import or how to copy or how to clone any kind of landing page with its URL.

Step 1: Click on Import From URL button.

Step 2: Copy the Desired Landing Page URL whose clone you want then paste it on URL option ( like below I have pasted my website link). After that just create the page name and then choose category. Then its time to select the domain which is available in your account. Then at last click on create page and BOOM Baby! Your Clone is Ready!

How to clone landing pages with landerbolt

Step 3: Now click on Visual Editor then edit any text like anything. You can replace images, add new text/images, add new buttons, change colors etc., you can do anything and edit that cloned landing page according to your need.

Step 4: Once everything done, you can click on Save Changes and Publish your page and you will be good to go.

So this is how you can easily use Landerbolt’s feature to import any landing page from its URL.

3. Upload Zip File and Copy Website.

If you have zip file of any website then you can easily upload it and make a clone of that website in just few steps. Just click on Upload Files and then just follow previous feature steps. Its that simple.

4. Connect Any Tracker

If you are an affiliate marketer like me then you can connect various trackers with landerbolt like:

Just click on connect tracker and add any tracker whatever you want to add.

Other Sections of Landerbolt:

Dashboard Section

In dashboard section you will get to know about your pages like published pages, name, URL etc. From that section you can also delete your desired cloned pages.

Domain Section

As its name suggest, in domain section you will get to know about all the connected domains. From there you can add or delete any desired domain.

Benefits you will get with Landerbolt:

  • Free Domain
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Universal Page Importer
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Custom Domains
  • Multivariate Testing Tool
  • Zip File Importer
  • Ad Intel Tools Import Ability
  • FTP File Manager
  • Tracking Automation
  •  Wordpress Style Visual Page Editor

I think these benefits are more than enough! LOL

Ease of Use and User Experience

For me personally, its user interface is very smooth and I didn’t find any difficulty while using landerbolt for the first time. Yeah, it is not that fancy like ClickFunnels or something like that but it is not that too much boring. It is smooth and if you like simple things then you gonna love it.

Support is also fine, like you will get response before 24 hours by Bret (CTO & Co Founder).

So overall user experience is far better than any other SAAS product.

Pricing & Plans

  • There is NO FREE TRIAL.
  • There is No Basic or Pro etc., Plan.
  • There is only one price for everything and that is $67 and if you will go for annual plan then its $47. Want 25% off Coupon Code? Use INSODEA25.

Pros & Cons:

I can’t say that this is the best SAAS product as there are few limitations but I can confidently say that this is one of the best software which I personally use. So lets see one by one.


  • User friendly & time saving tool.
  • Free Domain ( but not .com domain )
  • Can handle unlimited traffic.
  • Can copy landing pages with few clicks (my personal fav).
  • Multivariate Testing Tool.
  •  Ad Intel Tools Import Ability.
  • Tracking Automation.
  • Price is way cheaper than all its competitors.
  • Good Support.


  • No free trial.
  • Can’t copy every kind of landing pages as it is.( maybe you can find difficulties in few complex landing pages other than that it can copy or clone any page).
  • You will face some problems in mobile optimization.

Best Alternative of Landerbolt:

Personally, I feel LanderLab is the best alternative of landerbolt but its pricing is too high.


So in just one word if I have to recommend any tool with which you can copy or clone any website or landing page then baby it will be Landerbolt for its simple user interface, features and its pricing.

If you want to use Landerbolt for 3 months for 25% Off then Click Here and use INSODEA25 code.

Now if you want to learn how to make money with Midjourney then do read this.

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