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Graphy by Unacademy Detailed Review

Best Graphy by Unacademy Review with 50% Off Coupon Code (2023)

Graphy by Unacademy is one of the best alternatives to Teachable and Thinkific. Did you know? Graphy by Unacademy doesn’t have any monthly subscription like other competitors but it has a lifetime one-time deal plus a 10% share in each sale.

Today in this post I am gonna tell you a detailed review of Graphy and also I will tell you how you can sell your own online courses with the help of a course-selling website and application provided by graphy. Yes, you heard it right! An application also that too without a single line of code.

In Hurry? Check this Brief Graphy by Unacademy Review

So this is our quick brief review for all busy people like you and if you have time then please read this blog post in detail. Lets start with buyers guide.

Buyers Guide

Before buying subscription of any course selling website we need to keep in mind few things:

1. Hosting

One must see what kind of hosting we are getting with that platform. Cloud hosting is best!

2. Security

Platform must provide us top notch security so that no one can download and sell our courses.

3. Custom Domain

Platform must provide us the facility to add custom domain.

4. No Coding Skills

Must provide interface where a non tech guy can make and develop their website or app without a single line of coding.

5. Free Trial Available

Platform must provide free trail so that user can use that platform and decide whether to use it for selling their course or not.

So  these all things are available with Graphy and if you will ask me should I use Graphy? then I would say, “YES! Baby”. And best part is that you will get 50% off if you will use my code SONU50. 

Now lets see what is Graphy and should we use it or not.

What is Graphy by Unacademy?

Graphy By Unacademy Review
Graphy by Unacademy Review 2023

Basically Graphy (formally known as Spayee) is one of the best platform for selling online courses, with it you can create custom courses and can build beautiful no-code websites, or even launch your own android or IOS app that too for absolutely free of cost and code!

Graphy claimed that Over 100K+ creators have launched their online teaching businesses all over the world with the help of their platform.

Top 10 Competitors of Graphy

There are many competitors of graphy which you can find in the market and out of those top 10 are as follows:

  1. Teachable
  2. Thinkific
  3. Skillshare
  4. Udemy
  5. Kajabi
  6. Podia
  7. LearnDash
  8. Learnyst
  9. Terrain
  10. LearnWorlds

Most of these competitors are based on monthly recurring monthly revenue model unlike graphy.

15 Features of Graphy Which Stands out it from Competition

There are many features which can be used to differ graphy from its competition like teachable or thinkific.

  1. Custom Android & iOS App: You can develop your own customized app for android and iOS without coding to sell your online courses and this feature is the biggest pros of graphy.
  2. Custom Domain: You can add your own custom domain to sell courses.
  3. 14 Days Free Trial: Want additional 50% OFF and 14 Days FREE Trial then use Coupon Code : SONU50
  4. Host and Teach Unlimited Courses/Learners: Unlimited courses and learners are allowed.
  5. Host up to 500 participants live with their native player: Like zoom and other live hosting platform you can go live with up to 500 participants. Also can provide unlimited live sessions.
  6. Provide Certificates: Once a learner or student complete the course ,you can provide him/her a certificate of completition.
  7. Add unlimited admins, instructors and team members: You can add unlimited members with different roles.
  8. Razorpay, Stripe, Paypal or Other Gateways: You can add various different types of gateways to collect payments.
  9. Country-Specific Pricing: You can show different pricing of your course in different country.
  10. Tracking Dashboard: Track very sale in detail with their dedicated dashboard.
  11. Exclusive Paid Memberships: You can offer paid membership to generate more revenue.
  12. Generate Discounts and Coupon Code: Make unlimited coupon codes for exclusive discounts.
  13. Affiliate Marketing: Enable affiliate marketing for your students or learners to generate more revenue for your biz.
  14. Power up Workflows with Integrations: Various tools can be integrated like Zapier, Pabbly, Webhooks, Zoom, Facebook pixel, Google Tag Manager, Mailchimp, API access etc.
  15. Live Support: Via Chat and Email.

My personal favorite graphy feature is custom android and IOS app as we don’t have to write a single line of code. LOL

How to Sign up for Graphy?

Step 1: Go to Graphy.

Step 2: Click on Get Started Button.

Step 3: Select any one from these 3 whether continue with google, facebook or email.

Step 4: Your 14 Days Free Trial is Activated . Now if you wanna upgrade it then just click on Upgrade Now Button.

Step 5: Use Code SONU50 to get 50% OFF and click on apply and boom your coupon will be activated. And after that I guess you know what to do.

So this is how you sign up to Graphy platform in just 5 steps.

How to Make Course Selling Website with Graphy?

Lets walk through it step by step:

Step 1: Click on Create New Course and upload or make your course.

Step 2: Click on Website Pages and from themes you can select any theme whatever you want to select.

Step 3: Now whatever page you want to edit then just click on edit button and after that make desired changes accordingly in that particular page.

Step 4: Now if you want to add new page then just go to website builder and then click on New Page and you will be good to go.

This is how we can make course selling website with graphy, now lets see how to make app for ios and android.

How to Make Course Selling Android and IOS App with Graphy?

Once you made your website its very easy to make an app and lets see step by step on how we can make an app with graphy

Step 1: Click on App builder and then click on start building.

Step 2: Give Name to your app (like I have given Insodea) and upload your launcher & notification icon.

Step 3: Select Primary Color and Splash Screen and click on next.

Step 4: Now Configure app accordingly and once everything done click on Create Build.

Step 5: Click on Confirm [ Note: For iOS build app store connect settings are required! ]

So this is how you can make app with the help of Graphy.

YouTube Tutorial on Graphy


Graphy by Unacademy Detailed Review

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