You are currently viewing $24000 From Midjourney and Etsy: A lethal Weapon to Print Money!

$24000 From Midjourney and Etsy: A lethal Weapon to Print Money!

Introduction to Midjourney and Etsy : A Lethal Weapon!

Midjourney is one of the best AI tool which can convert your description into an image (in a simple language). And Etsy is one of the best online selling platform of the world (no matter you want to sell digital or physical product). And in 2023 if we combine both Midjourney and Etsy then they will be a lethal combination to print money. No matter you are from USA, UK, Australia etc., irrespective of your country these two weapons’ can generate 1000s of dollars monthly for you. In this video we will see how people are earning more than $24000 with just few simple digital wall arts and you too can make some extra cash by just following this strategy.

How to Make 24k Monthly Passive Income?

Digital Arts can generate passive income for you. All you need is to put initial time to analyze things in the beginning. Initially it requires work, once everything done you can easily make a passive income for yourself. Digital Arts include, digital wall arts, digital paintings, digital eBook covers etc., all you need is a ONE BINGO PRODUCT!

You can make digital products with the help of Midjourney and sell them on Etsy. One of my student named Alex (from USA) made over 1000 dollars in just 10 days with a Children Niche digital wall arts. If he can make it then why can’t you?

How to Make Unique Digital Wall Arts with Midjourney?

4 steps you have to do in order to see some good result.  If you want to see full detailed video then watch below video:

1st Step: Take Reference from Royalty Free Websites

What I mean to say that, you have to take reference form any royalty free image which you can find in pixabay, pexeles or unsplash (all these websites are free and have royalty free images). Copy the image address of the image whose reference you want to take.

2nd Step: Go to Midjourney and Join their Beta Program.

Now we have to make digital art so for that we just need to join Midjounery beta program in order to see some amazing cool pics!

3rd Step: Paste Image Address and Give Instruction to Midjourney

Now just paste the image address which you have copied and describe what kind of image you want from Midjourney.

Command is : /imagine

When you will write this command a prompt will be opened and there you have to paste the image address and write description of the image.

4th Step: Download Image and sell on Etsy.

Now you have your own digital art which you can easily sell on Etsy. There are many videos on YouTube which will tell you how to sell products on Etsy. I will not waste your time in that.

Pro Tip:

Make at least 40 Digital Wall Arts to see some good results. It’s all about numbers game. More listings means more revenue!


So this is how you can earn 1000s of dollars monthly with the help of lethal combination of Midjourney and Etsy in 2023.

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